Tropicana Residence, Side
Price: from €109.000
  Five-star onsite services / facilities   Property Type: Apartments
  Security, gardener and caretaker services   Construction Year: 2011
  High quality construction   Size: 99 - 191 m²
  Close to bus station and local amenities   Bedrooms: 2-3
  Low-volume, small complex feel      
The Valley
Price:from €139.000
  Villa-like living with community   Property Type: Apartments
  Located in a popular area in Side   Construction Year: 2012
  Reasonable price and good quality   Size: 100 - 116 m²
  Quiet surroundings   Bedrooms: 2-3
  Unique opportunity      
Spring Apartments
Price:from €108.900
  Living with hotel facilities!   Property Type: Apartments
  Spacious plot   Construction Year: 2009
  Low-rise buildings   Size: 81 - 112 m²
  High end quality and finishes   Bedrooms: 2-3
   Secluded location      
Lavanta Villas, Kalemler
Price: from €224.000
  Fully detached villas   Property Type: Villa
  Private gardens   Construction Year: 2012
  Traditional, unique design   Size: 245 - 271 m²
  Upscale style and quality   Bedrooms: 3 - 4
Babylon Beach, Side
Price:from €90.100
  Centrally located in Side town   Property Type: Apartments
  Sea view   Construction Year: 2011
  Great amenities   Size: 67 - 177 m²
  Extra large terraces / balconies (up to 40m²)   Bedrooms: 1 - 3
  Within walking distance from beach   Bathrooms: 1 - 2
Nympheum Apartments, Side
Price: from €139.900
  Exclusive, small development in Side   Property Type: Apartments
  Great and professionally built amenities   Construction Year: 2013
  Spa, café and many services onsite   Size: 109 - 221 m²
  Good, well-developing location   Bedrooms: 2 - 3
  Prestigious developer      
Babylon Deluxe, Side
Price: To be announced
  Exclusive development   Property Type: Apartments
  Great location in Side   Construction Year: 2011
  Luxury amenities   Size: 70 - 160 m²
  ECO-Friendly   Bedrooms: 1 - 4
  Private beach club      
Nautilus Residences, Side
Price: from €148.500
  Located in a popular area in Side   Property Type: Apartments
  Great quality and amenities   Construction Year: 2013
  High-end development   Size: 126 - 279 m²
      Bedrooms: 2 - 3
Gardenia Residence, Side
Price: from €89.000
  Large landscaped garden   Property Type: Apartments
  Very large swimming pool (450m2)   Construction Year: 2012
  Centrally located   Size: 77 - 136 m²
  Includes also a heated indoor swimming pool   Bedrooms: 1-3
  Magnificent panoramic location   Property Type: Apartments
  Small & quiet community   Construction Year: 2012
  Located in a desired area in Side   Size: 99 - 191 m²
  Low-rise buildings (just 3 floors)   Bedrooms: 2-3
  Great capital gain potential      
The Hill Side
Price: from €124.000
  Great capital gain potential   Property Type: Apartments
  High quality construction   Construction Year: 2013
  Rapidly developing area   Size: 102 - 169 m²
  Quiet surroundings   Bedrooms: 2 - 4
  Great services and amenities      
Villa Palladio
Price: P.O.A
  Private, full luxury villa   Property Type: Villa
  Private swimming pool and garden   Construction Year: 2001
  Central location in Side   Size: 225 m²
  Mountain view   Bedrooms: 6
  Private sauna/spa facilities within      
Aqua Garden
Price:from €99.000
  Living with hotel facilities!   Property Type: Apartments
  Security, Gardener and Caretaker Services   Construction Year: 2012
  Great investment opportunity   Size: 100 - 145 m²
  Reasonable price and quality   Bedrooms: 2 - 3
  Rapidly developing area   Bathrooms: 1 - 2
Felicia Recidence, Side
Price: from €89.000
  Guaranteed rental income!   Property Type: Apartments
  Great amenities and services   Construction Year: 2013
  In central Side   Size: 57 - 98m2
  Just 60 units in total   Bedrooms: 1-3
  Close by to beach      
Aqua Mare
Price: Upon request
  High class, high quality property   Property Type: Apartments
  Large communal swimming pool   Construction Year: 2011
  Great on-site amenities   Size: 90 - 178 m²
  Great location in Side   Bedrooms: 2 - 4
Orange Flower, Side
Price:From €119.000
  Great onsite amenities   Property Type: Apartments
  Private garage with parking for every unit   Construction Year: 2012
  High quality construction   Size: 110 - 220 m²
  Great, high-class location   Bedrooms: 2 - 4
  Security, gardener and caretaker on-site      
Breeze Luxury Apartments, Side
Price: from €94.410
  Fully maintained property   Property Type: Apartments
  Great onsite amenities   Construction Year: 2012
  Private shuttle service to beach and town   Size: 74 - 138 m²
      Bedrooms: 2 - 3